Infographic Design

Leading London design agency providing bespoke infographics and data visualisation for global brands to cut through the clutter and share concise data findings

Industry Ventures Infographic

Thin clean lines and a single brand colour made an easy to understand infographic

Our data specialists wrote the headlines and researched this entire infographic. We split up the 4 key points into sections, and each section was also provided to the client individually. This meant they could easily be added to the body of an email, and illustrate each point. We also animated the icons on their own for additional impact.

Industry Ventures

Mixing photography and illustration in a range of infographics for Cisco which provides maximum impact

Red Onion has created many infographics for Cisco. They always have a fun and entertaining visual style based on a theme each financial quarter. The design has a layered approach using textures, illustration and photography. This creates a truly eyecatching result.